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Video production, 3D modelling and motion graphics

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Video production

We can produce video for all areas of business communication including advertising, sales promotion, training, conferences, product demonstrations, recruitment, trade shows and search optimisation.

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2D Motion graphics

Motion graphics bring video to life by animating logos, titling interviewees, highlighting key points and helping describe issues and processes that traditional video cannot. Kinesomania provides broadcast quality motion graphics at cost effective prices. Useful links: explainer videos, infographic videos, whiteboard videos.

Scene modelling, texturing and animation

3D animation

We're a 3D animation company and motion graphics agency providing animated videos for business. Our 3d animation video projects include motion graphics, product shots and demonstrations, instruction manuals, presentations, architectural tours, product advertising, interior design, engineering, technical, medical and trade show displays.


Corporate and animated videos, 2D and 3D

Here’s a brief showreel of clips that demonstrates some of the editing, transitions and visual effects that we can offer for corporate video and motion graphics. Please contact us with details of your specific requirements.
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Animated Video Production

Animated explainer videos are the perfect way to tell your story when your ideas and business concepts are difficult or impossible to tell with traditional video or where your budget is limited and precludes on location filming. Set to music or utilising a voice over artist, animated videos can pack a punch at a very reasonable cost.

Animated Videos (2D and 3D)
Whiteboard Videos
Explainer Videos
Infographic Videos
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